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When teaching, one of my goals is to "put the lesson in their hands."

The pages featured here demonstrate the possibility of creating a complete set of economics lessons in HTML. Each page responds to the device a student is using (phone, tablet or desktop). The equations on each page are typeset in MathML and the images are presented in scalable vector graphics.

The pages are best viewed with Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari because both Firefox and Safari support MathML. Google Chrome will also display MathML, but only on desktop computers and only if you install the MathJax extension.

  • Lecture 1 -- Introduction and Math Review
    • What's the Difference between Marginal Cost and Average Cost?
    • Calculus Tricks
    • Homework 1

  • Lecture 2 -- Opportunity Cost and Relative Price

  • Lecture 3 -- Supply, Demand and Equilibrium
    • Homework 3

  • Lecture 4 -- Elasticity
    • Homework 4

  • Lecture 5 -- Household Behavior and Consumer Choice
    • Examples of Income and Substitution Effects
    • Notes on Income and Substitution Effects
    • The Labor-Leisure Trade-Off
    • Notes on the Elasticity of Substitution
    • Homework 5

  • Lecture 6 -- Production and Profit Maximization
    • Notes on Isoquants and Isocosts
    • Homework 6

  • Lecture 7 -- Short-Run Costs and Output Decisions
    • Why does a Firm Maximize its Profit where Marginal Revenue equals Marginal Cost?
    • Homework 7

  • Lecture 8 -- Costs and Output Decisions in the Long Run
    • Notes on the Zero Profit Result
    • Homework 8