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Thank You

(posted: 20 Feb 2018)

Dear Students,

I am writing to thank you all. Thank you for the support that you gave to me and to And thank you for being a great group of people to work with. I enjoyed working with all of you.

Am I disappointed that I will no longer be teaching you? Very much so. Have I shed a tear? Not a single one.

I may have hit a bump in the road, but at least I have Unlike the other professors trapped in adjunct employment at Queens College, has given me the experience necessary to take my career in a more lucrative direction.

I have heard that the Dean of Social Sciences is offering refunds to students who supported I have not authorized those refunds, so any refund that they are offering is not being paid out of my pocket. Therefore, I encourage you all to request a refund.

Even if you did not support, I encourage you to request a refund. You will need the money to pay $127 to Pearson PLC for a copy of MyEconLab.

And for the students who did support, thank you for being my first customers. I would like to offer each of you a session of tutoring in Econometrics.

As you know, the food service industry has been very supportive of, so we could meet at Frank's Pizza. I look forward to seeing you there.

And in the meantime, I will leave this collection of notes, scripts, datasets and other learning materials in place, so that you may continue to benefit from them.

Thank you all for the smiles that you shared with me over the past few weeks. I enjoyed working with all of you and I hope to work with you again.

- eryk


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